Nearly 50 councils use unregistered fire risk assessors as reported by Inside Housing Spotlight reporters.

‘While the law does not require fire risk assessors to be registered or meet any professional standards, guidance from the Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council (FRACC) advises building owners to use fire risk assessors listed on one of eight registers run by third-party accreditation bodies’.

Dennis Davis, who helped write the FRACC guidance and is chair of the competency workstream at the Fire Sector Federation, told Inside Housing: “Our view, and I’m talking from a federation point of view, is that everyone who’s doing this work should be competent and you’ve therefore got to be able to demonstrate that competence’.

“Our view would be, go and look at someone who is at least registered with an accreditation organisation because then you know you’re dealing with someone who has been audited and has some capability and quality to them.”

MB Fire Risk fully support the drive towards competent fire risk assessors, particularly when fire risk asssessing high risk or complex premises. George and Martin are registered individuals via the IFPO FRAR, others are working towards registration that can take up to 2-years to achive. The IFPO are active members of the FSF Competency working group.

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