Healthcare projects

2018 – Fire risk assessment of all Essex Partnership NHS FT complex inpatient sites.

2018 – Awarded fire training contraxct for EPUT.

2017 – Reviewed all fire risk assessments for North Essex Partnership NHS FT mental health premises.

2015 – Fire risk assessment of all North Essex Partnership NHS FT mental health premises.

2011 – Initially tasked to mentor the new NEPFT Trust Fire Officer, shortfalls in fire risk assessment and fire training were identified and MB Fire Risk was in demand mentoring, fire risk assessing, training, developing policy and Emergency Fire Evacuation Plans. Our team remain committed to the newly formed Essex Partnership University Foundation Trust who have commissioned MB Fire Risk to continue providing staff fire training and fire risk assessment in complex premises.

2010-12 – The team expanded when Andy joined Martin and Danny highlight fire evacuation challenges at St Georges Hospital. Needs based analyses underpinned fire risk assessment and the Trust invested in Albac mats. Our fire team provided regular evacuation training and alll staff attended quarterly. A similar approach of undertaking fire risk assessment followed by developing an achievable Emergency Fire Evacuation Plan was applied at some of the 80 other ONEL sites.

2007-10 – Martin undertook 80 complex fire risk assessments throughout Southend acute hospital identifying the significant shortfalls in fire protection. Working closely with estates and capital projects teams, the 3-year action plan costing around £3m was completed reducing fire risk to a far more acceptable level working toward compliance with the Fire Safety Order.

2007 – Southend Hospital’s Fire Manager needed media to support the ongoing refresher fire training for 4,200 staff and volunteers. This was achieved by developing a short video presented at each mandatory training day leaving the fire safety trainers to present local fire training in the buildings staff were regularly based. Danny, Martin and Bill provided face-to-face fire training within the local buildings staff worked in.

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