Electrical Engineers Wall of Shame

NICEIC CERTIFICATION SERVICES LIMITED are seeing an increasing number of electricians advertising themselves as being registered with NICEIC when they are NOT.

Reportedly none-registered contractors are using NICEIC logos on their websites, vans and paperwork to mislead those hiring them into believing they are registered with NICEIC.

To search for a contractor who is currently registered with NICIC – go to Find Contractors search facility.

To view the companies on the Wall Of Shame who are falsely using the NICEIC logo, claiming they are registered with NICEIC look at https://www.niceic.com/find-a-contractor/wall-of-shame

Niceic wall of shame

“Our customers are always advised to engage registered or third party accredited Engineers including Electricians. Registration demonstrates a level of competence, commitment to the sector and results in more reliable fire safety”.

“It is likely your home and or business is the greatest investment and very important to you. Do the right thing, check-out the credentials of contractors before letting them work on your energy or life safety systems. You know it makes sense”. 

fire risk assessor

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