Quality Assurance process:

Before instruction to proceed
• Customers can be assured that they will receive valuable, professional, and supportive advice throughout their Fire Risk Assessment journey
• Consistency and fire compliance assured
• All of our Fire Risk Assessors and Trainers carry DBS certificates
• A registered Fire Risk Assessor will be involved in the process
• Valuable advice will always be given to our customers
• A formal quote will be offered along with a suggested date and time for the onsite fire safety inspection

Once on site
• Your Fire Risk Assessor will check in on arrival
• An inspection of the building will be undertaken, all areas looked at and considered for fire compliance
• Your Fire Risk Assessor will ask you for evidence of maintaining fire safety and other systems: fire alarms, emergency lighting, any evacuating equipment, gas safe and fixed wire testing etc.
• Your Fire Risk Assessor will need sight of recent records of staff fire training unless residential premises only
• During the inspection, your Fire Risk Assessor will ask you or other employees fire related questions to gauge the level of knowledge and understanding of the Emergency Fire Plan
• During and after the inspection, your Fire Risk Assessor will note significant findings that may be critical, placing lives at avoidable risk.      Any life threating significant findings will be highlighted along with suggested solutions.

Report Writing and sharing report
• Once your Fire Risk Assessor has signed out and is back at his office, the fire risk assessment report writing can begin
• The report may include recommendations in the action plan with suggested solutions
• The report will be undertaken by or verified by a professional, registered fire risk assessor then emailed to the customer in PDF format

After sale service
• MB Fire Risk aims to keep lasting relationships with their customers
• MB Fire Risk offers continued support to their valuable customers
• We offer future reviews of Fire Risk Assessment to our customers
• MB Fire Risk is open, honest and wants to help keep you, your team and neighbours safer from fire and supports owners seeking fire compliance

Quality Assurance

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