Authorised Engineer (Fire) 2017 – 2019. Please note; we no longer provide this service. 

July 2017 – Department of Health ask all Hospital CEO’s if they have an Authorised Engineer (Fire) highlighting Firecode recommendations.

This follows the Grenfell fire tragedy. Health Technical Memorandum 05-01: Managing healthcare fire safety.

Martin was commissioned by Ipswich hospital as the Authorised Engineer (Fire) and tasked to review existing fire safety arrangements, provide audits, ‘ad hoc’ advice and support the fire team until the summer of 2019 when Martin stopped offering this service. 

Hefma presentation – Grenfell and the Authorised Engineer (Fire)

hefma fire presentation

In September Martin was invited to present Grenfell and the Authorised Engineer (Fire) at a Hefma meeting and Directors recorded very good feedback.

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